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Flash Tractor Raleigh 2019

3 June 2020

“I nearly bought you a tractor today” My wife said when we first moved to Flash. That’s the closest I’ve ever got to owning a tractor…..

By Ian Butterworth

I had begged Karen Kidd a few months earlier if I could join the tractor run, even though I was tractorless, and she told me to leave it with her. I wandered up the hill to the New Inn on the Sunday morning of the run not quite knowing who I would be riding with or if, indeed, they knew I would be riding with them! Typical to Flash, Great people mean you often don’t need to worry about such trivial matters.

I was introduced to my chauffeur for the day, Dan Mellor, and his gorgeous doggie Molly Moo. I told Dan, with a vain hope, that I’d driven a tractor before but this seemed to make no difference whatsoever. There was no way I was going to get into the driver’s seat.

Our drive was to take us through Hollinsclough, Longnor, Newtown, Sheen and onto Ye Old Butchers arms, a pint of Bishop’s Bowl Basher for me and a pint or orange for Dan.  Not being able to drive does have some merit after all!

We sauntered on the country lanes, two relative strangers, but we weren’t stuck for conversation – quite the opposite!  “That’s right, Ian” Dan kept telling me to all my views on life as I wittered away on all kinds of topics, my confidence being boosted that I was actually ‘right’ for a change!  I didn’t realise until later that it’s just a local saying – it doesn’t mean you are actually right!

Dan’s Dad was in a tractor behind us which was having problems, something to do with “One on’t cross beams gone owt askew on treddle.” or something like that.  Either way, there was “trouble at mill” so we left the pack and slowly made our way back to Flash where Diane had put up some lovely sandwiches at the New Inn.

As I said, Great people, Great times.  Next year, maybe I’ll be able to sit in the driver’s seat?  In the mean time I have bought myself a (Britain’s) Tractor…..

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