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7 May 2020

By Ian Butterworth.

I must have passed Flash at some point in my life, maybe it was on one of my many trips to Alton Towers (where I would stand and look at the rides) or a couple of trips to Carsington Water to do my VHF licence for sailing. I wouldn’t have known at the time and I wouldn’t have believed you if you told me but one day I would live here, in Flash. I would be living in one of the most beautiful parts of Britain.

As I pulled up the Luton van, our nearest neighbour came walking down the track with his “home guard” garden rake for protection. John introduced himself and duly informed us he was making sure we were moving furniture in as opposed to taking it out! He also told us everyone uses binoculars a lot around here and that it snows a lot in winter.

Our second visitor was the postman who informed us the local delivery driver told him we were moving in today and that everyone knows everything about everybody around here and he also informed us that it snows a lot in winter.

We bought our new home from Iain MacFarlane who invited us to the New Inn for a few drinks and we were bowled over to find out that half the village had turned up (well, it was Friday night too) and they had put some food on for us! What a fantastic welcome and showed us what the villagers and locals are like – brilliant, down to earth people just like us. In fact, to this day I tell people that in the space of just 3 weeks I spoke to more people in Flash than in 3 years of boring humdrum suburbia where everyone excelled at not saying “Hello” to each other.

Moving to Flash is one of the best things I have ever done. I just love living here!

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