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Flash Back

Here, we will serialise Flashback by Margaret Parker – subject to her agreement of course!

2 Responses to " Flash Back "

  1. Julie Egan says:

    please could you tell me how I can purchase a copy of this book, my ancestors came from Gambolls and I would love to learn more about life in Flash.

    • admin says:

      Hi Julie, as far as I know, Flash back I & II are out of print. There’s a seller on eBay with a copy but its rather pricey at £17.50 and I think the seller’s use of “rare” and “first edition” is somewhat amusing.

      We’ve a Village Hall meeting in a couple of weeks time and I’m going to raise the topic of a print rerun. The Author, Margret Parker, is still local and I’m in touch with her about it. If anything comes out of it, I will let you know.

      Kind Regards, Ian

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